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 Journey To The Centre Of The Earth


Published on the 150th anniversary of the classic by Jules Verne, this is the real scientific story of a journey from the Earth's crust to its mysterious inner core.


"We all have a deep connection with the underworld. We are as much children of the core as we are the offspring of air and water."




     BBC Focus Magazine 


Whitehouse is terrific. A magical enthusiast.                                                                                     Financial Times

He writes on all subjects with confidence and clarity.                                                                      The Bookseller

An outstanding TV and radio storyteller.                                                                                            BBC News

As a science communicator he is in a class of his own.                                                                    Arthur C Clarke Awards

He unveils the universe and unweaves the rainbow.                                                                        Netmedia Online Awards

Dr Science. He can't be stumped!                                                                                                        BBC PM Programme

His brimming passion for his subject is obvious.                                                                              The Guardian

Can't have him on air often enough.                                                                                                    BBC World Service

David writes like an angel.                                                                                                                     Glaxo Awards

Our first choice...his knowledge of science is remarkable.                                                              Sky News

When there's a space story, you are the one.                                                                                      LBC Radio

THE Great Explainer.                                                                                                                              TalkRadio

Our regular voice of science.                                                                                                                 BBC Radio 5 Live

There's really no good reason to put him on air.                                                                              David Shukman, BBC

                                                                                                                                                                     Science Editor

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